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Ruth Ellis

Indexes publishing soon :

Charlotte Watts & Natalie Savona Good Mood Food (Nourish)

Giles Whittell Snow (Short Books)

Erin Baker The Veg Table (Nasturtium Press)

Paul Lowe A Chronology of Photography (Thames & Hudson)

Christine Liu The Sustainable Home (White Lion Publishing)

Jane Eastoe Ruins (National Trust Books)

Peter Golding & Barry Miles Rock Graphic Originals (Thames & Hudson)

Swami Saradananda Cleansing Power of Yoga (Watkins)

Herbert Ympa New Map Italy (Thames & Hudson)

Kirsten Hartvig et al. Big Book of Quick Easy Family Recipes (Nourish Books)

Matt Brown Everything You Know About Planet Earth is Wrong (Batsford)

Zoe Lind van't Hof & Thomas Smale Super Root Spices (Pavilion)

Jenny Chandler Pulses (Pavilion)

Renee Elliott Grains, Nuts and Seeds (Pavilion)

Claire Philip Big Questions for Little People: Space (Weldon Owen)

Claire Philip Big Questions for Little People: Animals (Weldon Owen)

Jennie Ashford The Art of Pressed Flowers and Leaves (Batsford)

Hazel Soan Light and Shade in Watercolour (Batsford)


A sample of my recently published indexes :

Kassia St Clair The Golden Thread (John Murray) 2018

Paul Evans How to See Nature (Batsford) 2018

Dominic Roskrow Whiskey: American (Mitchell Beazley) 2018

Jane McMorland Hunter A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year (Batsford) 2018

Claire Wilcox & Valerie D Mendes 20th Century Fashion in Detail (Thames & Hudson) 2018

New Scientist This Book Will Blow Your Mind (John Murray) 2018

New Scientist The Brain: A User's Guide (John Murray) 2018

Soraya French Learn Acrylics Quickly (Batsford) 2018

Frank Egholm The Danish Art of Whittling (Batsford) 2018

Lucinda Miller The Good Stuff (Short Books) 2018

Marina Warner Forms of Enchantment (Thames & Hudson) 2018

Chris Stephens St Ives: The Art and Artists (Pavilion) 2018

Jacob Field Is Capitalism Working? (Thames & Hudson) 2018

Niheer Dasandi Has Democracy Failed? (Thames & Hudson) 2018

Giles Sparrow What Shape is Space? (Thames & Hudson) 2018

Sally Hines Is Gender Fluid? (Thames & Hudson) 2018

Heather Whinney Virtually Vegan (Nourish Books) 2018

Jan Davison Pickles: A Global History (Reaktion Books) 2018 

Nadiya Hussain Nadiya's Family Favourites (Michael Joseph) 2018

Colin Salter Science is Beautiful: Botanical Life (Batsford) 2018

Tom Kitchin Tom Kitchin's Fish & Shellfish (Absolute Press) 2018

Niklas Ekstedt & Henrik Ennart Happy Food (Absolute Press) 2018

Lisa Riley Lose Weight for Life (Michael Joseph) 2018

Emily Davenport Quick After-Work Cookbook (Eaglemoss Ltd) 2018

Matt Brown Everything You Know About the Human Body is Wrong (Batsford) 2018

Ambra Edwards The Story of the English Garden (Pavilion) 2018

Patrick Mauriès Louis Vuitton Catwalk (Thames & Hudson) 2018

Sarah Page The Sussex Trug (Otherwise Publishing) 2018

Hazel Soan Learn Colour in Painting Quickly (Batsford) 2018

Margaret Stevens Botanical Painting with the Society of Botanical Artists  (Batsford) 2018

Tom Whipple X and Why (Short Books) 2018

Stephen and David Flynn The Happy Pear: Recipes for Happiness (Penguin Ireland) 2018

Storm Dunlop How to Read the Weather (National Trust) 2018

R G Grant Sentinels of the Sea (Thames & Hudson) 2018

John Grindrod How to Love Brutalism (Batsford) 2018

Jean Draper Stitch and Pattern: Design and Technique for Pattern Textile Art (Batsford) 2018

Dee Dee Chainey A Treasury of British Folklore: Maypoles, Mandrakes & Mistletoe (National Trust) 2018

The Biscuiteers The Biscuiteers Book of Iced Gifts (Michael Joseph) 2018

Laura Mason The National Trust Book of Afternoon Tea (Pavilion) 2018

John Zukowsky Architecture Inside-Out (Rizzoli International Publications) 2018

J Matthais Determann Space Science and the Arab World (I B Tauris) 2018

Matt Brown Everything You Know About Space is Wrong (Batsford) 2018

Iain Zaczek A Chronology of Art (Thames & Hudson) 2018

Kate Franklin & Caroline Till Radical Matter (Thames & Hudson) 2018

Jessica Jane Pile Fashion Embroidery (Batsford) 2018

Ann Blockley Watercolour Workshop (Batsford) 2018

Jules Hudson Walled Gardens (National Trust) 2018

Arnold van de Laar Under the Knife: A History of Surgery in 28 Remarkable Operations (John Murray) 2018

Jane Ashley Home Economic: How to Eat like a King on a Budget (Short Books) 2017

Claire Bailey The Clever Guts Diet Recipe Book (Short Books) 2017

Lisa Riley Lisa Riley's Honesty Diet (Michael Joseph) 2017

The Jacksons The Jacksons: Legacy (Thames & Hudson) 2017

Michael Eric Siegel The President as Leader (2nd Ed) (Routledge) 2017

Rich Woods The Cocktail Guy (Pavilion) 2017

Clare Liardet Dry: Non-alcoholic Cocktails, Cordials and Clever Concoctions (Bantam Press) 2017

New Scientist How to be Human (John Murray) 2017

Dogan Gursoy The Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Marketing (Routledge) 2017

Daniel Miller & Terry Burrows Mute: A Visual Document (Thames & Hudson) 2017

Paul Gorman The Story of the Face: The Magazine That Changed Culture (Thames & Hudson) 2017

Patrick Mauriès Androgyne: Fashion and Gender (Thames & Hudson) 2017

Guy Noble Drawing Masterclass (Prestel Publishing) 2017

Michael Mosley The Clever Guts Diet (Short Books) 2017

New Scientist The Universe Next Door (John Murray) 2017

Jim Christian How to Think Like a Coder (Pavilion) 2017

Clare Gogerty Hidden Villages of Britain (Batsford) 2017

Joseph Jebelli In Pursuit of Memory (John Murray) 2017

Tom Kitchin Tom Kitchin's Meat & Game (Absolute Press) 2017

Rhiannon Adam  Polaroid: The Missing Manual (Thames & Hudson) 2017

Sue Quinn & Carol Wilson The World Atlas of Street Food (Thames & Hudson) 2017

Caroline Cox The World Atlas of Street Fashion (Mitchell Beazley) 2017

Julian Bell What is Painting? 2nd Edition (Thames & Hudson) 2017

Colin Salter Science is Beautiful: Disease and Medicine Under the Microscope (Batsford) 2017

Dogan Gursoy Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Marketing (Routledge) 2017

Rhiannon Adam Polaroid: The Missing Manual (Thames & Hudson)

Paul Bahn Archaeology: The Whole Story (Thames & Hudson) 2017

David Sutton Cyber Security (BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT) 2017

Karl Beecher Computational Thinking (BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT) 2017

Robert Penn Woods: A Celebration (Pavilion) 2017

Matt Brown Everything You Know About Art is Wrong (Batsford) 2017

Terry Burrows The Art of Sound (Thames & Hudson) 2017

Srini Pillay Think Less, Learn More (Short Books) 2017

Michael Schuster Essential Winetasting 2nd Ed (Mitchell Beazley) 2017

Emily Davenport Cook It Slowly! (Eaglemoss Ltd) 2017

Soraya French Contemporary Landscapes in Mixed Media (Batsford) 2017

Claire Masset National Trust Secret Gardens (National Trust Books) 2017

Jen & Sim Benson Amazing Family Adventures (National Trust Books) 2017

Richard Barnett The Smile Stealers (Thames & Hudson) 2017

Catherine Mayer Attack of the Fifty Foot Women: How Gender Equality Can Save the World (HQ) 2017

Matt Brown Everything You Know About Science is Wrong (Batsford) 2017

Robert W. Palmatier Marketing Strategy (Palgrave Macmillan) 2017

Kate Ford Vegan in 15 (Short Books) 2017

Rachel Kelly The Happy Kitchen (Short Books) 2016

New Scientist How Long is Now? (John Murray) 2016

John Szabo Volcanic Wines: Salt, Grit and Power (Jacqui Small) 2016

Carlos Afonso, Nuno Candeias, Dulce Pereira Comprehensive Organic Chemistry Experiments for the Laboratory Classroom (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2016

Clare Bailey & Sarah Schenker The Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book (Short Books) 2016

Derek Niemann A Tale of Trees (Short Books) 2016

Lucy Johnston & Claire Wilcox 19th Century Fashion in Detail (Thames and Hudson Ltd) 2016

Jenny Linford The Chef's Library: Favourite Cookbooks from the World's Great Kitchens (Abrams Books) 2016

Jamie Goode I Taste Red: The Science of Tasting Wine (California University Press) 2016

Michael Zee Symmetry Breakfast: Cook-Love-Share (Bantam Press) 2016

Paul Lowe Behind The Camera (Prestel Publishing) 2016

Dominc Roskrow Whisky Japan (Kodansha) 2016

Michael Johnson Branding. In Five and a Half Steps (Thames & Hudson Ltd) 2016

Harry Eastwood Carneval (Bantam Press) 2016

Lucinda Hawksley Bitten by Witch Fever: Wallpaper & Arsenic in the Victorian Home (Thames & Hudson Ltd) 2016

Emily Davenport Dairy Diary Favourites (Eaglemoss Ltd) 2016

Fran Warde & Catherine Zabilowicz The Living Well with Cancer Cookbook (Bantam Press) 2016

Chris Steyaert et al. The Routledge Companion to Reinventing Management Education (Routledge) 2016

Jonathan Mayo The 1966 World Cup Final: Minute by Minute (Short Books) 2016

Michael Bhaskar Curation (Piatkus) 2016

Henrietta Clancy Just Soup (Short Books) 2016

Sharon Hearne-Smith No-Cook Cookbook (Quercus) 2016

Jonathan Mayo Titanic: Minute by Minute (Short Books) 2016

Kate Bendix The Dog Diet (Short Books) 2016

David Hawkey Sustainable Urban Energy Policy (Routledge) 2016

Joanna Ebenstein The Anatomical Venus (Thames & Hudson Ltd) 2016

Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood Simplify (Piatkus) 2016

Michael Mosley The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet (Short Books) 2015

Jan Davison English Sausages (Prospect Books) 2015

Jenny Blondel The Holistic IVF Diet Guide to Making Babies (Solopreneur Publishing) 2015

Steve Parker & Alice Roberts Evolution: the whole story (Thames and Hudson) 2015

Lucy Robinson The Grain-Free Vegetarian (Giraffe Books) 2015

Julia Pimsleur Million Dollar Women (Piatkus) 2015

Emily Davenport Just For One or Two (Eaglemoss Consumer Publications) 2015

Richard Bernett Crucial Interventions (Thames and Hudson Ltd) 2015

Holly Bell The Power of Frozen (Jon Croft Editions) 2015

Atul Kochar Benares: Michelin Starred Cooking (Absolute Press) 2015

Victor Preedy Selenium: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2015

Victor Preedy Imidazole Dipeptides: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2015

Victor Preedy Fluorine: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2015

Victor Preedy Betaine: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2015

David A. Richards & Ingalill Rahm Hallberg Complex Interventions in Health (Routledge) 2015

Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer The Fast Diet 2015 Edition (Short Books) 2015

Nuala Cullen The Best of Irish Country Cooking (Pavilion) 2015

Theo Randall My Simple Italian (Ebury Press) 2015

Heather Thomas Quick and Easy Low Cal Recipes (Pavilion) 2015

Alex Law The Upholsterer's Step-by-step Handbook (Pavilion) 2015

Thompson, Grahame Globalization Revisited (Routledge) 2014

Fatima H Labeed & Henry O Fatoyinbo Microfluidics in Detection Science (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2014

Klement Podnar Corporate Communication: A Marketing Viewpoint (Routledge) 2014

Vivek Singh Spice At Home (Absolute Press) 2014

Simon Barnes Ten Million Aliens (Short Books) 2014

Natalie Coleman Winning Recipes: Food for Every Day (Quercus) 2014

Dennis Skinner Sailing Close to the Wind (Quercus) 2014

Rachel Thomas & Marianne Freiberger Numericon: The Hidden Lives of Numbers (Quercus) 2014

Alice Roberts The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being: Evolution and the Making of Us (Quercus) 2014

Carol Sze Ki Lin & Rafael Luque Renewable Resources for Biorefineries (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2014

Hummus Bros. Hummus Bros. The Levantine Kitchen (Pavilion) 2014

Emily Davenport Fantastic Food for Less (Eaglemoss Consumer Publications) 2014

Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra Understanding Multinationals from Emerging Markets (Cambridge University Press) 2014

Mimi Spencer Fast Beach Diet (Short Books) 2014

Julia Dearing The Playful Parent (HarperCollins) 2014

James Ramsden Love Your Lunchbox (Pavilion) 2014

Sharon Hearne-Smith No-bake Baking (Quercus) 2014

Mimi Spencer Fast Cook: Simple sustaining food to get you through your Fast Days (Short Books) 2014

Bin Yang, Gang Zhang, Jing Zhang Nanofabrication and its Application in Renewable Energy (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2014

Jonathan Mayo D-Day Minute by Minute (Short Books) 2014

Karen Wheeler The Marie Antoinette Diet: Eat Cake and Still Lose Weight (Sweet Pea Publishing) 2014

Michael D Randall Medical Sciences at a Glance (Wiley-Blackwell) 2014

Susie Hodge Art: Everything You Need to Know About the Greatest Artists and their Work (Quercus) 2014

Hazel Soan Watercolour Rainbow (Batsford) 2014

Dr Michael Mosley & Peta Bee Fast Exercise (Short Books) 2013

Anna Del Conte Gastronomy of Italy 2nd edition (Pavilion) 2013

Rob Kirby The Family Kitchen (Absolute Press) 2013

Allegra McEvedy Big Table, Busy Kitchen (Quercus) 2013

Natalie Coleman, Larkin Cen, Dale Williams Masterchef: The Finalists Series 9 (Absolute Press) 2013

Naomi Stanford Organization Design: Engaging with Change (Routledge) 2013

Jianzhong Sun, Shi-You Ding, Joy D. Peterson Biological Conversion of Biomass for Fuels and Chemicals (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2013

Harry Korine Strong Managers, Strong Owners: Corporate Governance and Strategy (Cambridge University Press) 2013

Emma Parry Managing People in a Contemporary Context (Routledge) 2013

Sally Butcher Snackistan (Pavilion) 2013

Stephen Moss The Great British Year, Wildlife through the Seasons (Quercus) 2013

Jenny Chandler Pulse (Pavilion) 2013

Camilla Stephens The Higgidy Cookbook (Quercus) 2013

James Ramsden Do-Ahead Dinners (Pavilion) 2013

Jack Appleton Values in Sustainable Development (Routledge) 2013

Errol R. Norwitz Obstetrics and Gynecology at a Glance 4th Edition (Wiley-Blackwell) 2013

Matt Tebbut Guilty Pleasures (Quercus) 2013

Ben Vear Ice Cream and Other Frozen Delights (Absolute Press) 2013

Mimi Spencer The Fast Diet Recipe Book (Short Books) 2013

Jeremy P T Ward & Roger Linden Physiology at a Glance 3rd Edition (Wiley-Blackwell) 2013

Mike Saltmarsh Essential Guide to Food Additives 4th Edition (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2013

Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer The Fast Diet (Short Books) 2013

Victor Preedy Isoflavones: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2012

Victor Preedy Dietary Sugars: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2012

Victor Preedy B Vitamins and Folate: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2012

Victor Preedy Caffeine: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2012

Victor Preedy Vitamin A and Carotenoids: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2012

Leigh Greenham The CoGDEM Guide to Gas Detection (ILM Publications) 2012

Frederick Gordon & Gregory Freeland International Environmental Justice: Competing Claims and Perspectives (ILM Publications) 2012

Chris Clarke The Science of Ice Cream 2nd Edition (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2012

Mohammad Shafuir Rahman & Jasim Ahmed Handbook of Food Process Design (Wiley-Blackwell) 2012

Richard Lawley, Laurie Curtis & Judy Davis Food Safety Hazard Guidebook 2nd Edition (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2012

Albert Lebedev Comprehensive Environmental Mass Spectrometry (ILM Publications) 2012